Bookings for 2021

We have finished all our open days for this year, if you need photos reach out to me 425 402 7000 or

We will be practicing Covid safe protocals for our Audition photo sessions.

  • Before coming for a session we will ask that you take the temperature of everyone who will be attending, if anyone has a fever we will need you to cancel your session.
  • The dance coach and the photographer will be wearing mask and are fully vaccinated.
  • We would like dancers to wear mask while getting ready and warming up.
  • We will be running a HEPA air filtration with UV light to kill airborne germs and viruses.

I am very focused on staying healthy and keep those I come in contact with healthy.

If these precautions are still not enough you can contact me about a private session for your dancer and I will see what we can arrange - contact , Please include a description of your needs, availability, and needed by timeline. Private Session, add $125 to any Semi-Private session.

or 425 402 7000


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